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Do not drill holes with your eyes

Avoid the "tunnel" vision, inspect the field from edge to edge, check what is done behind your back. Do not fix your gaze in one place, even let the enemy sit there, who from time to time sticks out his arm / leg / back, etc. Turn your head like a fighter pilot.

The dial is also a sight

Let's target by the clock. If the enemy sits right from you - he is "at 12 o’clock", on the left - at 9 o’clock, if almost to the right - at half past three. To this it is not harmful to add the distance in meters (feet, whether fathoms, or another system convenient for you), and shoot towards the shelter, behind which the adversary was lodged.

Double Bet

Key positions on the field are best protected by two players. Even if one of them is hit, your team will still control it. Players must take this position at the same time - then the opponent will be forced to concentrate two or three of his players against it, which will weaken his efforts elsewhere in the field and give the appropriate advantage to your team.

Children's cry on the lawn

This is constantly said, but many teams still play in silence. Use code words and gestures. Please note - when the pros are playing, there is an uninterrupted op. Learn to often and clearly convey information between players in a team.

Good where they are not

Move where your opponents are not likely to appear. Be sure to control, as far as possible, the number of remaining players in both teams Calculate and feel for the weaknesses in the enemy lines - this is where the main blow should be delivered.They are in our nose, we are in their ears React fast, even better at the same time. Gain experience, it is impossible to learn from words. When you take some actions yourself, do not let the adversaries come to their senses and quickly react, otherwise they will be able to turn the situation to their advantage.

A lot of controversy raises the issue of injuries during the game of paintball. On the one hand, of course, paintball refers to extreme sports, among which are: surfing, parachuting and others. However, it is believed that paintball is the safest sport. This is confirmed by world statistics. For example, according to Control Systems Inc., paintball is in the same security group as golf and table tennis and is eighty times safer than football.

Partisan Try to seep through the enemy lines, shoot two or three players from behind and attack the whole team through the gap.

And the enemy is not a fool, sitting in an ambush ...Recognize and mark the enemy shelter - they can be predicted when inspecting the field before the game or determined in the course of an error.

Do you have a plan, Mr. Fix?

Before each game, make at least some plan - you should not just run up and lay a line from the edge to the edge of the field. Do not let the enemy dictate the course and pace of the game to you. Go to the game with a plan of action, otherwise you will be forced to play passively and only fight back.

More insanity good and different

Do not repeat the same actions from time to time - whether it be a separate movement or location on the field. A good experienced player or team will know in advance what to expect from you in the next game and will thus be able to drive you into a tactical trap.

Do not pull the cat by the tail

Speed ​​is very important, so do not waste time that opponents can use to counteract or impose their own picture of the irga.

Born to crawl

If you are watered with disastrous fire from one or several positions and there is a need to move away, you do not need to jump up and run away to your full height - most likely, you will get a few hits in the back. It’s better to flop on your belly and crawl. The same works well if you need to move under fire - do not neglect and crawl.

And the stars in a row

Never sit on the same line one after another - in this case one shooter has a great chance to cover both with one burst.

Volley - or!

Concentrate firepower. Crush one enemy position from two or three trunks, then the enemy there will have no chance but a problematic retreat. If he undertakes a desperate attack in the hope of taking with him at least one player of your team, then with such a concentration of paint this is almost impossible.

Commanders Behind

Do not forget to use the controller in the game. They should be behind the main line of the players, see the whole field, manage the actions of the team, keep track of the affected players from both sides. The dispatcher, if necessary, can close the gap in the main line, calculate the direction of the attack or retreat.

Nasal - Get Ready!

Get ready to shoot BEFORE leaning out of cover - this will save you critical fractions of a second, which might not be enough to crush the enemy. If you hold the marker with the barrel down with one hand, then protrude from behind the shelter and only THEN throw up your weapon, aim and shoot - you will be open for too long and most likely you will be hit.

Memory knot

Use any guidelines in order to attach to them and remember the positions of the enemy - you can plant a fresh spot of paint on his shelter or remember that he is under a tree with a helical branch, etc. - then, if you let him out of sight, you don’t have to wait for the enemy to move to find him again.

Surprised and amazed

Try to always overwhelm your opponent. Starting, for example, with an advantage on the left flank, during the game discreetly move players to the right. Mask your key movements as much as possible.

The very first weapon that was at the disposal of the "ancient" paintball players, has survived to our times almost unchanged in the form of a PGP pump-action pistol with a 10-ball magazine that works from 12 gr. carbon dioxide spray. Over the nearly twenty-year history of the game, many types and models of markers have appeared: from pump-action to semi-automatic and fully automatic, based on various achievements of technical thought.

Macedonian shooting

A moving player is much harder to shoot and get around than a stationary one. Even a good shelter can be left for a while if there is a chance to return to it, but your movements will puzzle opponents. Moving, you cease to be a point on which opponents can concentrate fire.

Let's move booty

Check carefully where you lose. Work on body movements to protect these areas. For example, if you often get defeats in the left shoulder, this means that you are too busy covering your right side and forget that some other part of the body can stick out. If you get into the mask, you yourself will guess what the matter is. If in tubes - throw out one or two in which the ball most often flies. He can fly again, but the chances of a rebound this time will be higher.

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